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Why Virtualization is cool

When developing some application or website, I cannot stress how much it helps to use virtualization. It may seem like an overcomplication, but having an exact (or nearly exact) replica of the production environment helps immensely. For instance, when developing my … Continue reading

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A series of lessons learned

In my next posts, I’ll post a series! These are the lessons I’ve learned while at my current job. The topics will include: Why Virtualization is cool Builds and Deployments Monitoring Logging Unit testing Why CMSes suck Cool tools Documentation, … Continue reading

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Cacti Helpful Hints

When I started installing my new server, I wasn’t sure what monitoring software to use. We use Cacti at work, and I’ve used it before.. But I wanted to see what else was out there. This isn’t a review of … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to my new website. I’m switching everything over to a new server after years of it being at the same hosting provider. As well as that, I’m creating this WordPress blog so that I can write about some of … Continue reading

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