Cacti Helpful Hints

When I started installing my new server, I wasn’t sure what monitoring software to use. We use Cacti at work, and I’ve used it before.. But I wanted to see what else was out there. This isn’t a review of the other software, but let me just say that I was happy to come back to Cacti. The only hard part was finding the templates… That’s where these helpful hints come in.

The first template I found was for djbdns, also known as tiny-dns. I have always loved using this bit of software. Low memory, easy config files… And now monitoring. Over on the cacti forums, Buckbeak integrated Jeremy Kister’s templates into Cacti, giving us tiny-dns graphs in cacti. Pretty sweet.

Then Glen Pitt-Pladdy added a bunch of stats to provideĀ Postfix stats in cacti. The only issue I’ve had here is having to add some custom things to the filters to log parser to support some of the anti-spam rules that I have in Postfix.

Then, we have the misnomer or “mysql cacti templates” for this uber monitoring templates for cacti. This package contains monitoring graphs for Apache, JMX, Memcache, MongoDB, Nginx, OpenVZ, Redis and your standard UNIX templates. I haven’t gotten the OpenVZ templates to work, but this is what should be part of Cacti!

Anyways, that’s my helpful hints. Good luck in all your monitoring needs!

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