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Hackathon, Day 5

All done with the Content Aggregator! I took a bit of time to learn best practices with threads and even have my own REST server embedded in my Groovy app. I’ve been trying to keep the memory foot print low … Continue reading

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Hackathon, Day 1

Done with the first day of the hackathon. The results are a bit disappointing, having only completed RSS parsers and a few models for feeds. Tonight, I’ll get onto the main aggregator engine, scheduler and start inserting the feeds into … Continue reading

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Hackathon starting… NOW!

On Monday morning, I was reading an article on Techcrunch about information overload. That got me to thinking about my RSS reader, and my frustration with it. Sometimes I prefer reading RSS feeds on my iPhone, but I miss being … Continue reading

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This really goes hand in hand with my last post, Monitoring. One thing I don’t get is why in production, most logging is shut off in my favorite PHP framework, Symfony. To me, logging is necessary to determine the state … Continue reading

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What happens to your application when you’re not watching? How many people are signing up? How many are posting? Did the latest code release slow anything down? What was going on when the server crashed?!?! These are all things that server … Continue reading

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