Hackathon starting… NOW!

On Monday morning, I was reading an article on Techcrunch about information overload. That got me to thinking about my RSS reader, and my frustration with it. Sometimes I prefer reading RSS feeds on my iPhone, but I miss being able to read it on my desktop. Sometimes I don’t hit refresh and probably miss some interesting news. Whenever I do refresh, I have to scan through every article to see if there’s anything I want to read right now.

So, then I thought of a hackathon! I had just been learning Titanium to build iPhone apps, but couldn’t think of anything useful to actually build. This seemed like the perfect idea! Two days of sketching a few things out on my trusty notepad, and today is the day to start.

Starting tonight, I will give myself a week (today until next Wednesday) to come up with the minimum viable product. It will be a groovy backed news aggregator with a symfony 2 web interface and a Titanium iPhone app accessing symfony 2 REST services… Or we’ll see where I am in a week

Wish me luck!

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3 Responses to Hackathon starting… NOW!

  1. K. Gillis says:

    I am sure that you will be able to come up with a better alternative! Will you copyright this too?

    • K. Gillis says:

      I am willing to assist in any way . Please do not cut your timeline so short that it may be impossible…. Rather go for at least a 4 phased implementation in Phases and first with a Proof of Concept. Glad to explain later.

  2. Very very cool my friend. Ill be following your progress, best of luck!