Hackathon, Day 1

Done with the first day of the hackathon. The results are a bit disappointing, having only completed RSS parsers and a few models for feeds.

Tonight, I’ll get onto the main aggregator engine, scheduler and start inserting the feeds into MongoDB.

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2 Responses to Hackathon, Day 1

  1. The G says:

    Looks like your making progress there Chief !!

    Is it the Groovy thats taking up the overhead time wise or the app design ??

    • John says:

      It’s a bit of design, although I’m allowing myself to make some mistakes to get it done quick. A big thing is memory foot print. Because I’m on a VM, I only have 2G max, so I have to code low to the ground… I implemented my own REST server using just JDK and also have worker threads, instead of something an App server would give me.

      Ah well, it’s done now so onto the front end!